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Good Morning My Love | Love Sms | Love Shayari

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If you are here that means you are seeking good morning my love SMS for your sweet girlfriend or maybe if you are a girl then you ae looking for good morning love messages for your sweet baby ( boyfriend). So you are at right place find out below some awesome good morning sms..

Good Morning My Love Sms for Boyfriend

  •  There are moments when lovers don’t miss each other,
    Moments when they don’t feel for each other.
    The last time I checked, such don’t exist between us!
    I miss you more than you could ever imagine.
    Good Morning my love one and only.
  •  In love, forever I will love you
    In care, forever I will care for you,
    All that you need, I will give you,
    Till death, my heart belongs to you.
    Good morning my heart and my love.
  •  Great oceans are made from small drops,
    As great buildings are made through foundations
    No matter how long it takes
    Our love will stand sure and stay forever.
    Good morning my love.
  • My life is sweet but sweetest with you,
    My heart is lovely but loveliest with you,
    I see myself so great, but greatest with you,
    Forever and ever it is me and you.
    Good Morning my lovely sweetheart
  • Morning night and noon, every day of my life
    Your thought is so great in my heart
    Knowing I have a future with you,
    I am as blessed as ever. I love you.
    Good morning jaanu, have a great day ahead.

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Good Morning Messages for Girlfriend

  •  Of all women, you’re God’s best design
    That true love is real, you are sure the sign.
    My love my life, my joy combined
    Good morning to you, my heart, my sunshine.
  •  Mornings are beautiful and so are you
    Sunshine is bright and so the smile of you
    Beautiful and glamorous, that is you.
    Lovely and ever caring, still same you.
  • I promise to keep you ever beautiful.
    I choose to bring the best out of you.
    Lovely and lovely forever shall you be.
    This is my purpose and plan for you love.
    Good morning my angel.
  •  All your plans today will succeed,
    All your doings will end in success.
    You will stay great and stand up tall.
    You will not be derailed and you won’t fall.
    Good Morning My Love.
  •  It won’t be in my heart ever to leave you
    But stronger and stronger in love to make you
    My morning night and noon it will be you.
    If I ever come to this world again, it will still be you.
    Good Morning My lovely love.
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